Every organization has their own unique 'DNA'. For JazzMind to be truly effective we first learn about your business culture, processes, opportunities, challenges and threats. Then we work with you to design Workshops that will achieve your organizational objectives.

One Day Workshops


'Sow the seeds of change' in your organization’s approach to leadership, collaboration and innovation. All one-day events are custom designed to fit your company's culture. Focus your workshop on one skill, or fuse all three into an exciting overview that begins the transformation process.

Three Day Workshops

An in-depth program that devotes one day to each subject. Each day's curriculum is customized to your company's priorities and operating culture.

Day One - Leadership

Identify your style through jazz greats like Duke Ellington. Learn ways to strengthen your leadership qualities. Explore how to create a culture of shared leadership.

Day Two - Collaboration

Often, the biggest challenges to collaboration is how you listen and respond. We'll blend the music and stories of jazz with exercises that will form a new approach to collaborative improvements in your organization.

Day Three - Innovation

In both jazz and our world at large, there are many great examples of how innovation should be viewed and practiced. We'll inspire you with those stories and show you how to innovate regularly through new processes that leverage the collective skills of your organization - just like a jazz combo.