Creating a new strategy is hard enough. Implementing it properly is even harder!

Whether it's your overall corporate strategy, a product strategy or a data strategy there are four common denominators that can make the difference between success and failure. They are:





Often, organizations believe these four disciplines do not require any process changes when implementing a new strategy.


This is most evident with product and data strategies, but research (anectodal and scientific) suggests that most product and data-related strategies will fail due to a lack of focus on how you govern, lead, innovate and collaborate.

Think of it in musical terms. What if your firm is accustomed to operating like a traditional band or orchestra? The conductor hands out the 'music' (strategy) and instructs the band members to simply play all the 'notes' on the page. Kind of like assembly-line thinking. 

In today's Digital Economy that doesn't work.

You need to be constantly adjusting to competitive forces, ensuring that your whole team (or organization) are engaged and committed. Contributing to the overall success, rather than simply 'doing'.


 That's how JazzMind approaches strategy. Jazz music and theory is an excellent 'lens' through which you can assess how to go about it.

Even Don Tapscott believes jazz can help immensely 

"If there is a musical metaphor for the new enterprise it’s not the military band, or the symphony, it’s jazz."

Here's how we do it

We look at your: 

Business Strategy

Performance Management

People & Process

IT Systems & Applications

Data Platforms & Marketing Tools

Information Management Infrastructure

We then design workshops that leverage the mental model of jazz and best practices to create the necessary processes and culture that will 'drive' your Strategy to a successful implementation.


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