Welcome to JazzMind

This is the launch of a new approach to organizational change by fusing the music, stories and mental model of jazz with business methodologies that will improve your processes, competitiveness and employee satisfaction. Through workshops, training exercises and strategy development, JazzMind can help you be more successful in our fast-paced world. We also offer 'jazz-infused' keynote presentations and musical performances for your next conference or company meeting.

As we grow and evolve JazzMind, we will do our best to keep you engaged, informed and entertained with stories from the worlds of business and jazz.

The principal focus of JazzMind is to work with individuals and organizations to design new methodologies around three core skills. Leadership, Collaboration and Innovation. We also focus on the design and implementation of your business strategies.

The significance of music, and jazz in particular, towards developing strategies and better skills cannot be overstated. Jazz creates a new dynamic around how you perceive and practice these disciplines.

Here's an example dealing with innovation.

Imagine for a moment that your business processes can be explained like a C Major scale in music. C-D-E-F-G-A-B.

In a business context a musical scale is a simple representation of the day to day processes that you may follow. And you repeat them every single day. It becomes a habit. How do you change the habit to enhance and grow your business? Should you be following the same process when you're implementing a new strategy?

If you operate like an 'orchestra', playing the same tunes over and over again, it's likely you won't change a thing. If you're thinking like a jazz musician you might be asking: Why not change our process by playing a dominant C7 scale? Or, what if we change our process for this strategy and start 'playing' on the second note (D) of the C Major scale?

That's what drives JazzMind's approach.. By applying the mental model of jazz we can help you review your current processes, or operating culture, and make them better.

Whether you need help figuring out your new strategy, or how to implement it, JazzMind can help.

For a copy of the first JazzMind white paper (Make Your Data Sing), or to receive regular newsletters, drop us a note: JazzMind@t4g.com

Do not fear mistakes. There are none. – Miles Davis

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