Mike Pelletier

In the jazz world, Mike has worked with many brilliant and accomplished professionals, but he also co-leads or is music director of many diverse working groups that cross many genres-Funk/Soul/R&B, Pop/Top 40, New Country and Classic Rock. Leveraging his  certification in Leadership and Management at The University Of Toronto, Mike will showcase the core benefits of keeping your rhythm in the workplace.   

 East Coast Band Members

Mike Freedman

Mike Freedman is a professional guitarist,  composer and instructor based out of Toronto, Canada.  His  versatility has allowed him to be involved in a wide array of music projects, performances and recordings. Mike graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1990 with a degree in Film Scoring as well as jazz performance and has been actively involved in the music scene ever since. 

Simone Morris

Simone is known for stirring and soulful songs. She draws on many influences such as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music from York University, Simone is also inspiring the next generation of musicians as a private music teacher and musical director. She's in the midst of writing some new songs for an upcoming EP and you can see her trio all across the Toronto area.

Joel Haynes

Joel Haynes is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. One of the hardest swinging drummers across the land; who has 'fused' his educational credentials from Humber College and McGill University with his amazing touch on the drums. He'll help you 'lock-in' and perform to the best of your abilities.